Summer Camp

Дети  Summer is coming soon!
YOU could HELP at least ONE CHILD!
2 weeks in the summer camp – $ 100/child

At the summer camp orphaned children improve their health, play sports, have lots of different activities and fun.

We don’t have our own camp facilities, and there is a huge amount of work involved in these camps.  We thank God that there are people who help in the financing of the camps.

We want to hold Summer camps for children of all ages but our main focus is to provide an opportunity for high school teens and also for orphanage graduates and teenagers from vocational schools. It is during this time that stronger friendships are formed between teenage orphans and Christian youth. Both the teens and the teams who have been serving them leave satisfied with their experience.

It is in such circumstances that teens are introduced to real Christian life. They see that there is another way of life altogether that is different from what they see around them, with no place for drunkenness, swearing, sexual immorality, cigarettes, drugs, etc.; that you can relax, and have fun without alcohol and drugs. Praise God!

We also plan to send orphans to summer camps in other countries.