Summer Camp

IMG_1874 Summer is almost here!

This summer, we plan to do a Summer Camp for 25 children (social orphans) from very poor villages from a war zone where they don’t have water, electricity and enough food. 

We’re planning to have 2 and 4 weeks Summer camp beginning July 15th

YOU could HELP at least ONE CHILD!

Would you sponsor a child for $100 to provide food and transportation cost?

Your faithful generosity towards these young ones living in adverse conditions you will join us on our mission to share the love of Christ to them and give them hope!

This way we could build relationship with children. They can have good time, meet new friends, improve their health and learn about God. The camp’s program is so interesting that provide entertainment for everyone. In the camp children will have different sport activities, competitions. They will learn new songs, dances, sketches and will perform at the special evening event. Experienced leaders will teach them biblical principles on how to change the world for better and to get changed themselves. They will have discussions about negative effects of smoking and drug abuse, about relations between boys and girls, and obedience.

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