Sasha’s Story

Aleksandra MaslenkoSasha is a devoted Christian and loving person. As a child, Sasha experienced the pain and hopelessness of abandonment. She didn’t know her father. Her mother was drinking heavily, leaving her alone and hungry for many days. One day, as she walked down a street a Christian woman who had seen Sasha stranded and alone stopped, gave her some food to eat and invited to Sunday school. This was a place where her relationship with God began.
Out of the pain, impoverishment and isolation of her abandonment, Sasha developed a heart of compassion for suffering children.
Sasha loves the Lord and helps orphans by showing them unconditional love of God, teaching them about Jesus and His ways, and her efforts have made a difference in the lives of many children. God gave Sasha a great husband Sergey with a big heart for God and children. He is serving orphans along with her organizing camps and sport activities for children. They also minister as mentors for teens who left orphanages and need help, love and guidance in their lives.


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