Construction of Youth Center

DSCI0146Our Goal is to build a place for 30 orphan-teenagers who have graduated from state orphanages.

Our purpose is to provide classes for teens to learn practical life skills such as how to obtain a profession, cook, clean, maintain finances, as well as how to pray, set life goals and treat others with respect.

Under the guidance and supervision of mature Christians the orphans will learn to live with love, respect and dignity, to treat others with kindness and compassion, and to live together in a healthy, loving atmosphere.

We purchased the land and began construction of center in Petrovskoe, Boryspil district, Kyiv region, Bortnytska Street 17A.

The building area is 10,500 sq. feet with dorms for 30 people, classrooms, library, kitchen, dining hall, storage, office and work space and an auditorium that seats 200 people. 

Construction_Ukraine_Рус1   Construction_Ukraine_Рус

 So far, we have built walls and have covered roof partially.
This summer we plan to finish the 1st stage of construction and we’ll be able to accommodate 10 kids. 

Already invested: $ 123,000.00

Necessary to complete the project: $ 186,000.00
Although there is still much work ahead, we believe that by fall 2017 part of the building will be done. At this point, we will be able to house at the Center some teenage-orphans who have no place to live. During summer, they will participate in the construction work.

Today, we need finances and your prayers and support.

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