Our vision

Our main goal
is to give hope and future for orphans and children
from dysfunctional families, living in poor conditions.
We wish to help children overcome difficult situations
in their lives, such as lack of food, things necessary
for life, poor education, no place to stay, no finances
and experience in life, difficulties to get employment,
violence, abuse and hopelessness.
We believe that by meeting children where they are,
personally investing in their lives, we can help them lay
the firm foundation that give them hope, establish the goals
and ways to achieve a better life in the future.

Ways to accomplish this:

  • Helping children through weekly Life lessons, personal mentorship and summer camps.
  • Investing personally in the lives of the children through consistent one-on-one relationships, taking them on the weekends in the families and child sponsorship.
  • Meeting physical needs that hinder personal and spiritual growth, such as school supplies, clothes, food, vitamins, etc.