October 20th, 2013 – visited a shelter for the homeless and abused children in Kirovograd

We were looking forward to meeting with these children. A team of Victory Church prepared a musical show «Share Your Smile». Kids were enjoying the performance, listening to interesting stories, eagerly participating in different games and contests. Every child received a toy, stickers, personal hygiene items and clothes. The older boys were overjoyed when they saw special soccer balls. At the end of the fellowship we gave everybody fruits, cookies, and sweets.
Children were so open to talk to us personally, to share stories from their difficult life. They told us about their feelings, needs, and dreams. One boy was so sad when we came. He explained to us how he ended up in this place. Egor was raised by a single mom and recently she had a stroke and got paralyzed. They took her from a hospital to a nursing home. Police brought the boy to a shelter. So now he couldn’t go and visit his mom and doesn’t know what will happen to him in the future.
One girl was crying, sitting at the back of the room at the beginning. When we gave her a candy we saw a smile on her face for the first time. Later she told us her story. At the age of 15, she had to leave the orphanage but had no place where to stay, no job, no money, no documents. She was living under the bridge. Police found her and brought to the shelter.
We wanted to spend more time with these precious children, just listening, sharing warm hugs and words of love and hope but the time passed so fast, and we had to leave. Hope to see them soon.
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