October 19th 2013 – had a meeting with the youth in jail and visited women’s prison in Kirovograd

At the invitation of the psychologist Natalia we had the opportunity to meet with young people awaiting Court’s decision in the jail. Laura and Sergey came with us. They were in the same situation before but now they are helping others to make right decisions and change their lives. They shared with the guys their testimonies. Communication took place in a friendly atmosphere at the table with enough sweets, fruits and drinks for everybody. The teenagers listened attentively that they have hope for the future and asked questions.
Some of the adolescents were from the orphanages, so our goal was not only to meet with them, but to support these children on a continuous basis. We exchanged contacts with them for further communication and correspondence.
In addition, young people received warm clothing, hygiene products, soccer balls, and food.
We also managed to visit small cameras in women’s prison, and provide ladies with warm clothes and hygiene products. Many toys, stickers 3-D and other products were given for a special room made for mothers with babies that born in the prison.
We did not know that we’ll meet a pregnant young woman that was in prison for the use and distribution of drugs, and were very glad that we had warm clothes exactly her size.
We want to express special gratitude to the leadership of the prison and a psychologist for the opportunity to visit the prisoners.

Cizo_Kolia  Cizo

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