October 18th 2013, visited the orphanage in Znamenka

At the invitation of the pastor of Victory Church, Yury Demidov, we visited the boarding school for the children with severe diseases, such as cerebral palsy, spinal cerebral hernias, congenital deformity of limbs. Most of the children are in the wheelchairs and some are forced to spend all day in beds.
We had for children a great musical show “Share your smile!”, as well as games that allowed the children to move around a little. Since most of these children are in the wheelchairs, for them it was a holiday. Everybody recited poems, sang songs, each child received a gift. For the boarding school were brought: balls, socks, t-shirts, gloves, warm raglans, stickers, fruits, and sweets.

Znamenka2 (2)  Znamenka2 (1)

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