January 8th – Youth Group Visited Orphanage with a Christmas Play

We could not ignore such a holiday as Christmas, so the volunteers went to the orphanage Prolisok with young people from the church who prepared a special present for the orphans – Christmas play a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen “Red shoes for Christmas”. This is a story about a lonely and angry shoemaker, who never celebrated and didn’t love Christmas. One day an angel appeared to him, and promised to come to visit him and bring him a present. The shoemaker decided to prepare for the meeting and make the gift for God. The young people tried to convey the main idea of the tale: Only true love can melt the heart, full of anger or indifference. They also said that Jesus Christ, the Son of God talked about it.
Host of the program greeted young viewers and invited them… to see the story that happened the night before Christmas. Children sympathized with main characters. The audience sang with young actors Christmas carols, participated in amusing contests, and later everyone had cake, cookies and fruits.
Children soon became friends with the guests and didn’t want them to leave. The volunteers were happy to minister to the orphans, to make the season merry by bringing love, hope, and joy into the lives of these children following the example of Jesus, Son of God.
The employees of the orphanage saw that kids were so joyful. They were grateful and invited us to come again.
Later, the young people shared with their friends: “We thought the words of Jesus came true. The Kingdom of God has come upon you. And they were right. Because Christ said that the Kingdom of God can come into our full of pain and suffering world only this way. Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as you did it to one of My least brothers, you did it to Me.
Many people ask, What can we do? But to do the work of God is so simple! Today we can continue the work of Jesus Christ on this earth by sharing love and hope with orphans, thereby testifying, that Jesus will come to this world to establish His eternal reign of love!

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