January 6th – Christmas Celebration at the orphanage Nadezhda

The next day the volunteers of the Fund and the Church “Forward” went to the orphanage “Nadezhda”. It was January 6, Christmas Eve. The children were waiting for us with excitement and delight. We brought the orphan children a lot of wonderful presents – candies and chocolates, tangerines, amazing toys, interesting books and coloring books, developing games, and warm clothing. The volunteers were divided into two groups. While teenagers were playing educational games, our volunteers gave the little kids a master-class on making angels. It was just a wonderful time. We were joined by the teachers, and sang together Christmas songs, made angels, and had a great time of fellowship.
Then everybody gathered together for a Christmas dinner. After the feast, every child received much anticipated Christmas presents. Well, who doesn’t love gifts? Especially on Christmas. All of our team was waiting for a miracle! We were excited to see how our wish came true! The children were sincerely sharing their love with us – giving us hairstyles, massages and a lot of hugs and kisses.
We are very grateful to all who helped to make this wonderful celebration happened – to those who brought presents, sweets, and other treats, and to those who prepared a delicious cakes and pastries.
Thank you so much for your generosity and open hearts!

IMG_6837  IMG_6852

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