January 5th – Christmas for Orphans in Kirovograd

From the jail we went to the regional center where orphans were waiting until the state found an orphanage for them. We already visited this institution, and our hearts were filled with compassion for those children. Each child who ended up in this place has his or her own heartbreaking story. And we wished to make this Christmas special for them and wanted their sad faces lit up with a joyful smile. Fifty six children were waiting for us with anticipation.
Together with the volunteers from Victory Church we have prepared for these kids a great and exciting day – puppet show about what Christmas really means, interesting games, engaging contests, tricks, and, of course, prizes for the winners. We brought for children warm clothes, underwear, tights, socks, mittens, but that was not all. Each child received a gift of a wonderful toys, books, beautiful notebooks, pens, puzzles. Girls, even the little ones, liked the jewelry the most such as bracelets, pendants, and earrings. We spent time talking to children, giving them warm hugs, trying to share with everyone love. Unfortunately, time ran inevitably, and it was the time to leave.
We pray that each child would find own family and that their lives would be successful.
We express special gratitude to the volunteers and to everybody who helped to purchase the presents and organized a special holiday for orphan kids.

IMG_4699  IMG_4722


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