January 4th – Celebrating Christmas in Detention Center

Since we visited the detention center in Kirovograd and met with the boys, our volunteers communicate with them on a regular basis through mail and phone calls. New Year’s Eve was approaching but we didn’t have time to go to Kirovograd. Then we asked our friends from local church to help arrange a New Year party for these teenagers in jail.
Finally, we were able to come to the city on the morning of January 4th. Seventeen boys were impatiently waiting for us. It was a warm friendly meeting. The boys were very pleased to see that we brought them warm clothes, hats, socks and personal care products. First we had a serious discussion about how the guys are going to change their lives, and what goals they want to achieve. Then we went to the wonderful fellowship at the festive table with lots of sweets and fruits. And, of course, the boys received Christmas presents.
The teenagers also prepared valuable gifts for us. After our first meeting Kolya began to write poetry. One of his poems was sent to a local newspaper, and he received the 1st prize in the amount of 500 UAH. Sasha decided to finish school and continue his education to become a car mechanic. Dima also decided to acquire secondary education. This is more than we could expect.
For us it is a special blessing, as we do all this with one goal – to see healed hearts and changed lives.

IMG_4597  IMG_4598

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