December 26th – Christmas Celebration at the Orphanage Prolisok

So we celebrated another holiday to children – Christmas Lord Jesus Christ. This is a time of miracles, hopes and expectations that dreams come true, not only for our children, but also for ourselves. Because we expect to become a channel through which God Himself will bless their children!
When we arrived at the orphanage “Prolisok”, the children had waited for us. The day before, Hector from the program “Master chef” came to visit and brought for the children stuffed Turkey. We were surprised when we found out that the children left some for us . The biggest reward is to see the fruit of your labor – the children didn’t just expected presents for themselves, but they showed their concern for others.
Together we read Christmas stories, talked, gathered at the festive table with different tasty dishes. Every child got a few wonderful Christmas presents, jackets, warm clothes, hats, and mittens.
But this was not all surprises. Five of our children found mom and dad and celebrated New Year with their new family. Now loving parents wish them good-night and in the morning mommy covers their heads with gentle kisses.

IMG_4389  IMG_4490

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