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June 11th – wondeful event for children

On Saturday, we had an unforgettable  day with children who live in the village Petropavlovskoe in honor of Children’s Day. The weather was not cooperating either. It was suppose to be a great thunderstorm with hail. In the morning, it was raining and very low dark clouds were moving in the sky. When we just started […]

February 26th – Roma had a surgery


February 16th – Visited Orphanage Prolisok


January 8th – Youth Group Visited Orphanage with a Christmas Play

We could not ignore such a holiday as Christmas, so the volunteers went to the orphanage Prolisok with young people from the church who prepared a special present for the orphans – Christmas play a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen “Red shoes for Christmas”. This is a story about a lonely and angry shoemaker, […]

January 6th – Christmas Celebration at the orphanage Nadezhda

The next day the volunteers of the Fund and the Church “Forward” went to the orphanage “Nadezhda”. It was January 6, Christmas Eve. The children were waiting for us with excitement and delight. We brought the orphan children a lot of wonderful presents – candies and chocolates, tangerines, amazing toys, interesting books and coloring books, […]

January 5th – Christmas for Orphans in Kirovograd

From the jail we went to the regional center where orphans were waiting until the state found an orphanage for them. We already visited this institution, and our hearts were filled with compassion for those children. Each child who ended up in this place has his or her own heartbreaking story. And we wished to […]

January 4th – Celebrating Christmas in Detention Center

Since we visited the detention center in Kirovograd and met with the boys, our volunteers communicate with them on a regular basis through mail and phone calls. New Year’s Eve was approaching but we didn’t have time to go to Kirovograd. Then we asked our friends from local church to help arrange a New Year […]

December 26th – Christmas Celebration at the Orphanage Prolisok

So we celebrated another holiday to children – Christmas Lord Jesus Christ. This is a time of miracles, hopes and expectations that dreams come true, not only for our children, but also for ourselves. Because we expect to become a channel through which God Himself will bless their children! When we arrived at the orphanage […]

December 13-15 – teenagers had a great time in the families

The children from the orphanage spent the weekend in a warm family atmosphere. This time we invited teenage boys. They love to spend time at home playing games, reading, having fellowship with everybody. The boys also had a good time in coffee shop and made new friends at youth group. Some of them will be […]

November 2nd, 9th and 23rd – teenagers from the orphanages spent weekends in the families

We are grateful to all who invited teenagers to their families and continue to do this on a regular basis. Orphans really appreciate this special time. They love to help around the house, learning to cook. At home adults have the time to talk with the child one-on-one, to learn about his/hers difficulties, to think […]